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ThunderRose Consulting offers our Portland neighbors a warm and caring approach to professional organizing and moving services. People looking for help sorting out personal and life changes, seniors moving into managed care, and people moving to the area--all can count on our sensitive and sympathetic approach to what can be overwhelming. We have all "been there" and initially learned through doing. Our experience with the challenges of moving and organizing made us decide to reach out and help others going through something similar-- particularly those who might not have the time or capability to handle all the details themselves.
We're a creative bunch. Our team includes successful and prolific designers, some of us are musicians, and most of us are visual artists. We approach your space with extensive creative experience including gallery and home staging, multiple exhibitions, professional design expertise, publications, and art and sculpture sales.

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​​Maerian Morris earned her Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley where she was an honor student. Her particular area of interest was in Folklore collections, language and metaphor, and ecological anthropology; the study of how humans relate to and interact with their environments. She also earned a teaching credential in K-12 and adult vocational education.

Maerian spent a little under two years as a disaster relief coordinator in Central America where she was responsible for coordination and distribution of disaster supplies, education, and coaching in emergency disaster home planning and re-building. A prolific published writer, Maerian also studied journalism and became the editor-in-chief of an internationally distributed publication, with leadership responsibilities for circulation, publication, time management, content management, and supervision as well as event coordination, volunteer management,  and outreach.

Maerian began her teaching career in Northern California, Her primary areas of instruction were in practical computer usage, journalism, language and adult vocational education. She oversaw the installation and implementation of all the computer labs for her district and worked with special needs students, re-entry students and retirees.  In this work, she  further developed her teaching and coaching techniques to streamline the learning process for her K-12 and adult students by developing unique ways to make learning fun. 

Maerian then moved to educational administration and has 14 years of progressively responsible experience as an analyst in higher educational settings. She began this career as an administrative and then financial analyst for the University of California and was promoted over time to a senior position as a principal business analyst in a multi-unit setting for the University of California Observatories and the Office of the President. She  helped staff, faculty, and students with management of federal and state budgets and project management for their research, while interfacing with major companies and governmental departments (Defense, Energy, Education). She provided administrative and research project management expertise.

Maerian became an organizational adviser and a manager working at multiple campuses at the University of California, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, and later for Portland State University. Maerian was responsible for overseeing an academic and performing arts department at UC Santa Cruz. She was also a federal and state grants manager and program administrator for UC Berkeley. While acting as the assistant director of the University of California Observatories, her interests and responsibilities turned to the oversight and assessment of organizational needs. Her work as a business analyst focused particularly upon organizational and systems design and business processes.

Maerian completed a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion at the University of CA, Santa Cruz and was the vice-Chair of a campus-wide Chancellor's advisory group tasked with socially inclusive and respectful ways of responding to campus unrest, Maerian is also a graduate of the University of California Business Officer's Training Program and has completed project management training from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Maerian is a commissioned Notary Public in the State of Oregon, is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and both the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the local Oregon chapter of NAPO. She has completed training and certificates in professional organizing principles and methods as well as  the ethics of professional organizing. Following her creative and academic interests in the arts, she has also advanced to candidacy in a Masters Degree program in Humanities, at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where her research emphasis is in digital communities, 3D spaces and virtual worlds, and the philosophy of collaborative art and design in digital settings.

Maerian's paintings and digital art have appeared in galleries and productions, and she has over 100 publications. She is fluent in Spanish, speaks French, and is an epee fencer.

Maerian's interests and career have led her to live in many areas, including several states and Central America, and as her career progressed she has organized, packed and moved herself and her family a number of times. In the process, she has developed techniques that make these efforts work very well and quickly. She enjoys doing this sort of organizing, and building on her combined experiences, decided to make a career out of helping others to organize their lives and to reduce the stresses associated with re-organization and moving. 

Maerian's Educational Summary:

​​*BA Cultural Anthropology, University of CA, Berkeley
Teaching Credential, K-12 and Adult Vocational
Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion, University of CA, Santa Cruz

* Certificate in Residential Organizing, National Association of Professional Organizers
Graduate of the University of California Business Officer's Training Program
Advanced to Candidacy, MA, Humanities, Cal State Dominguez Hills, (emphasis in Digital Communities and Philosophy of Art and Design)
Project Management training from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Course Certificates in Professional Organizing Theory, Methods, and Ethics from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
Commissioned Notary Public in the State of OR


ThunderRose Consulting is a member of the local Oregon Chapter and the National Association of Professional Organizers. We offer a bonded, insured, professional team and an approach that's unique to professional organizing. We focus upon curation, stewardship, and celebration of personal belongings, rather than placing our primary emphasis upon what is not kept. While of course we help our customers address clutter and let go of what they no longer want to retain, our Bountiful Organizing process teaches organized keeping. We shine in helping our clients determine how they want to care for the material aspects of the bounty in their lives, In this process, we value integrity, empathy, humor, and service. We are united by a singular desire to contribute to our customers and the world. We approach our work with good natures, listen carefully, improve constantly, and focus upon catering to our customers' needs in ways that eliminate the common stresses of organizing and moving. We value a focus upon sensitivity to the emotional and personal aspects of our customers' belongings keeping in mind that "even a rock might be a treasure." 

Working with ThunderRose begins with an email or phone call to set up a free initial consultation which can be followed by a one-hour free on-site assessment. This is a non-judgmental walk-through and chat providing an opportunity for our team leader and clients to determine next steps. Click  CONTACT for more information.

Maerian Morris

Maerian is our moving and organizing point person, handling coordination, logistics and initial consultations. She is also our primary organizer handling moves, individual client organization, newcomers to the Portland area, home and small office set up. digital organization, digital modeling, cloud computing research and consulting, business analysis and business process, systems set up, document coordination, and notary and mobile notary services. She is also a prolific digital artist and published author. You can learn more about our founder below.


Collin Smith

Collin is our resident geek and gamer and in addition to general organizing and moving/packing support he is often the person handling electronics management, computer set up, and wire control in homes and small offices.

Jutta Brandon

Jutta's area of expertise is interior design. She can offer her insights and interior design services in coordination with our organization services. Click here for more about Jutta and her work.

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Matthew Pugh

With many years of experience working with people with special needs, Matt is our resident consultant for organizing and moving in the context of special needs. As an experienced sculptor and fine artist, he supervises art hanging, art studio consultations, and staging, as well as providing general organizing and moving support as needed. Matt is also our point person for external referrals such as landscaping or storage.  You can find out more about Matt and see his amazing art by clicking here.

Elise Mahan

Elise is our point person for children's nurseries and playrooms, local childcare resources, and working with Montessori/Regio approaches to helping young children "get organized". As a fine artist she also advises on art hanging options, gallery and studio suggestions.  You can learn more about Elise and see her beautiful work by clicking here.